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Land Heritage Loans is an industry-leading company that aims to help people in need of emergency cash by offering them a personal loan based on their vehicle’s logbook.. We believe that money should be readily available when needed, without having to worry about a bad credit score that could get in the way of borrowing cash. We understand the complexities involved with credit profiling and that not everyone who has bad credit deserves a reputation of this kind. In that regard, our objective is to turn borrowing into an option that is not only possible, but also easily accessible for everyone who needs it, regardless of their credit score situation.

We only work with UK’s finest lenders, and this means that each of our clients will benefit from an entirely professional and top-notch service. We always make sure that our affiliated lenders abide by the CCTA Code of Practice, as our objective is to put you in contact with a logbook loan lender that would best suit your needs, while protecting your statutory borrowing rights as well.

We aim to present you with the most competitive online logbook loan quote. With us, you can borrow up to £50,000, depending on your circumstances, without an additional credit check. Our service is does not imply any costs on your part, and you have no obligation to accept the quote you receive.

Choosing to collaborate with us offers you the following advantages:

▪ We will offer you the most competitive quote

▪ You will be put in contact with the best logbook loan lenders

▪ You receive a quote for free and you are not obliged to accept it

▪ Your loan application is not subject to any credit checks

▪ Your loan will be approved in the same day, if successful

▪ You will get your money within 24 hours

▪ You can keep your vehicle

▪ There are no hidden charges