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Loan Requirement:


You normally qualify for a logbook loan in you legally own a vehicle that is fully ensured and in a good working condition, and you have passed a few eligibility requirements. You can qualify for a logbook loan even though you are currently experiencing bad credit, or you have had poor or little credit history which would make it difficult for other lenders to offer you a loan.

A logbook loan is the perfect option if you are in need of some cash urgently, especially if you either don’t want to undergo routine credit checks or you don’t have the patience to wait for days or even entire weeks before you get your money. With Land Heritage Loans, you can get a decision on your logbook loan application instantly, followed by your cash loan in only an hour.

You must be aware that while we are putting our best efforts in finding the best partners and providing you with a logbook loan, all loans granted are subject to affordability. A proof of income will be required, and as the logbook loan is secured against your vehicle, if you fail to make the repayments, your vehicle may be repossessed. Unfortunately we do not have a renewal policy.