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Loan Requirement:


A logbook loan might be the best option for you if you are experiencing bad credit and your situation makes it impossible for you to borrow from anywhere else. A logbook loan is mainly based on your ability to make the repayments, and not on your credit history. You are still eligible for a loan even if you have CCJs, arrears, IVAs, or have filed for bankruptcy, as long as you can demonstrate that you can make the repayments.

You might also have a hard time securing a personal loan if you are self-employed or if you have insufficient credit history. You are still eligible for a logbook loan in these situations, as long as you can present your wage slips, or copies of your bank statements if you are self-employed. Head over to to know more about the eligibility requirements for logbook loans.

Ultimately, a logbook loan is the perfect option for you if you have financial difficulties and you are in need of some emergency cash, but you have no time to spare for paperwork and credit checks.


The Benefits Of A Logbook Loan

You can apply for a logbook loan regardless of your credit situation. As long as you legally own your vehicle, you can be accepted for a logbook loan without difficulty.

You have the flexibility to choose your repayment terms. You can arrange a repayment scheme that suits your affordability, and you can make the repayments weekly or monthly.

▪ The loan money are readily and instantly accessible, therefore you can take care of your financial emergencies in a timely manner.

▪ You can choose in which way you want to spend the money.

▪ It is the easiest way to make an emergency payment, being cheaper than a payday loan.

▪ You get to keep your car throughout the time of your loan, without any restrictions.